Bamcard became a member of the eCommerce Association in BiH

Bamcard, as a card business company that has been successfully operating for more than 20 years as the only processing and personalization center in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the only domestic clearing house and payment service provider for world-famous card brands, has a long practice of supporting e-commerce payments through its business. In order to […]

BBI Bank and ASA Bank in cooperation with Bamcard launched KVIKO

Representatives of Bosna Bank International d.d. (BBI), BamCard d.d., and ASA Bank d.d. Sarajevo presented a new service for sending and withdrawing money without a card – KVIKO. It is an innovative mobile payment application designed by local IT experts from BamCard, which allows the client to make a cash transaction at an ATM using […]

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New Prepaid card

At the request of Vakufska banka d.d., BamCard d.d. developed and implemented a brand new VISA Prepaid card. The Prepaid card is not linked to any deposit account, and special advantage of the Prepaid card is the payment of goods and services via the Internet by paying a certain amount on the card and the […]

ISO 9001 certification

On December 13, 2014, BamCard d.d. is certified according to the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 standard in the field of personalization and processing of payment cards, and switching between domestic and international payment schemes. The ISO 9001: 2008 standard is an internationally recognized standard introduced by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for […]

Innovation of the year

Within the 9th Sarajevo Business Forum, KVIKO was named as Innovation of the Year, and the award “Innovator of the Year” was presented yesterday in the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH to the CEO of BamCard d.d. Mrs. Alma Ahmić. BamCard would like to truly thank its partners ASA Bank d.d. Sarajevo and Bosna Bank International, […]

Vakufska Banka in cooperation with BamCard launched the PINviaSMS service

BamCard director Alma Ahmić and member of the Management Board of Vakufska banka Elma Zukić presented a new PINviaSMS service that will enable clients to receive a PIN and information on the possibilities of taking a new or replacement bank card via SMS. The service is free for all customers, and for security reasons, the […]

Portal presented the award “Business Move of the Year” to BamCard

Representatives of the portal presented a plaque “Business move of the year” to the director of BamCard d.d. Sarajevo to Alma Ahmić, which was awarded for the launch of the KVIKO application. included the creation of the KVIKO application for cardless withdrawals at ATMs and real-time money transfer via mobile phone among the […]

PINviaSMS in two new Banks in BiH

Bamcard has completed the implementation of our PINviaSMS product in two new Banks in BiH, Sberbank BH, and BBI Bank, and thus confirmed its commitment to the continuous improvement of services in the banking sector. PINviaSMS is an innovative service and involves the electronic distribution of the PIN code, directly to the cardholder on a […]

Cooperation with Raiffeisen Invest

In November 2018., the quality of services provided by Bamcard was recognized by the new client. Mr. Ademir Osmanović, CFA on behalf of Raiffeisen Invest and Ms. Alma Ahmić on behalf of Bamcard, signed a Business Cooperation Agreement according to which Bamcard will provide production and personalization of Raiffeisen Invest cards, as well as printing […]

KVIKO – the first instant transfer of money from account to account in BiH!

Using only the recipient’s phone number, the money is available immediately! This service is a novelty of Bamcard, which has previously introduced the KVIKO Cash, with the help of which you could send money even to users who do not have an open bank account. With a personalized code sent via SMS, Viber, or Whatsapp, […]