New products

We present new products that BamCard d.d. Sarajevo has successfully realized in the past period:

New Visa Electron Prepaid Card, Installment Card – Cash Card, MasterCard Debit and MasterCard Debit Gold – PayPass (New Generation Cards) and GoalCard (MasterCard Debit Card)

New Visa Electron Prepaid card

Visa Electron Prepaid card provided by BamCard d.d. developed in collaboration with Union Bank is a unique product on the market. The card is not personalized and must be “recharged” in advance with a certain amount, and you can ”fill” it up according to your needs and possibilities and make purchases in BIH and abroad in places marked “VISA”. The VISA Prepaid card can also be used by children under the age of 18, so this card is an ideal solution for pocket money on excursions and trips.

The advantages of the VISA Electron Prepaid card are:

– Payment card (full control of limits and consumption);

– Impossibility to go to minus on the card;

– The card can be recharged at the Bank’s counter by paying in cash;

– The minimum amount for payment is 10 KM, and the maximum is 5,000 KM;

– The number of cards that one customer can buy is not limited;

– The card is accepted at all VISA points of sale and ATMs in BIH and abroad;

– The card can be used in more than 200 countries that accept VISA international cards;

– The balance on the card can be checked at all ATMs of the Bank as well as at BH ATMs ATM networks;

– The card is reissued and is valid for 24 months.

The possibilities are great, and the VISA Prepaid card is available to you IMMEDIATELY in all Union Bank branches!

Installment card – Cash Card

BamCard d.d. has started the process of personalization of new cards “Cash Card Sberbank BIH” which have the benefits of purchase in installments.

Cash Card is a special credit card that you can use anywhere in the country and abroad. It allows you to make purchases, withdraw cash, and buy online with the payment of installments. Repayment in installments is according to the previously defined model, but you can change the number of installments for each transaction in agreement with your banker.

The advantages of the card are the following:
– Purchase in the country and abroad with repayment up to a maximum of 36 installments;

– Internet purchase with installment payment;

– Raising a fast cash loan with a repayment of up to 36 months in all Sberbank BIH Branches;

– Realization of cash loan at all ATMs in the country and the world, in the amount of the daily limit.

MasterCard Debit and MasterCard Debit Gold – PayPass (New Generation Cards)

The process of personalization of PayPass cards has started in the only process center in Bosnia and Herzegovina. MasterCard PayPass cards are advanced with modern technology and are the only cards of this type on the market that allow you to make contactless payments with maximum security. PayPass cards can be used for purchases at all points of sale and payment in the country and abroad that have a prominent MasterCard sign, as well as on the Internet.

MasterCard Debit offers:

– the possibility of approving the overrun;

– contactless payment – PayPass;

– purchase free of charge at all points of sale in the country and abroad;

– online shopping with 3D secure;

– the possibility of reservations that have been provided only by credit cards (airline tickets, rent a car, hotel accommodation, etc.);

– more favorable fee for cash withdrawals at ATMs of other banks within BIH. Contactless payment

– 60% faster than regular cash payment!

GoalCard – MasterCard debit card

The Debit MasterCard card enables transactions at ATMs, points of sale, and the Internet – in all places where MasterCard is accepted. It is intended for clients with permanent and regular income (salaries, pensions, and other permanent income). The possibility of using overruns in the amount of 100% to 300% for recipients of salaries and other incomes through the current account is envisaged.

Bamcard d.d. Sarajevo strives to use innovative solutions to create a service for clients that aims to improve and modernize their business and contribute to maximizing their satisfaction, and in this context we emphasize our advantages:
– Lower business process costs;
– Quality control of provided services;
– Professionalism and motivation of staff;
– Innovation and flexibility;
– Quality and speed of provided services.

Our value is certainly the 24-hour availability 365 days a year. Data secrecy and their protection is a business we have been dealing with for over ten years.