Connecting Excellence: Your Call, Our Commitment, Bamcard’s Precision.

Bamcard Call Center stands out through the long history in providing top quality service to the clients with which it has gained a great experience and quality of work. Efficiency, dedication and promptness of Bamcard Call Center in every step and level of communication have built a great reputation in the financial sector and among many partners and clients.

Our team of experts and trained operators are committed providing support 24/7, which is evident in every interaction and understanding of the needs of clients while providing solutions in a fast and efficient manner.


Our service includes:

  • Customer support: users can contact us with their inquiries, questions or requests and get help from our operators;
  • Maintaining a quality relationship with users: operator availability is 24/7 and quick resolution of existing problems will prevent dissatisfaction and ensure a positive experience;
  • Calls are electronically saved in the Bamcard system: each call is read, recorded and saved in the Bamcard system and a monthly report of incoming calls is derived from it;
  • Proactive contact and relationship with users: based on a monthly call report, this approach allows companies to collect feedback, conduct surveys and promote new products or services;
  • Receiving requests, providing information and notifications, reservations, monitoring, fraud prevention, account blocking/unblocking and much more.

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