Elevating Banks to Achieve Excellence: Enhance customer transactions, security and operational efficiency with our comprehensive range of services.

Processing and Clearing

If you are a bank looking for an experienced processing center, Bamcard processing and clearing services are your essential toolkit to ensure your customers effortlessly enjoy seamless payment experiences.

Card personalization and related services

Banks need quality for card personalization. With Bamcard, this service enables banks to strengthen their brand identity and tailor card offerings to meet the unique needs of their clients, enhancing customer loyalty.

Instant Payment

Instant payment & White Label solution

In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, banks need instant payment solutions to keep up with the customer demands for real-time transactions and meeting customer expectations for swift and convenient payments.


Card Guard

Providing customers with a user-friendly card management app is essential for banks to enhance security, convenience and allow customers to monitor and control their card usage.


BH ATM Network

BH ATM Network connects banks within Bamcard system, enabling seamless ATM access for customers across the network. Banks can expand their ATM reach, reduce operational costs and provide convenient cash withdrawal options to their clients.


E-Commerce and Payment Service Provider

Banks require quality E-commerce and Payment Service Provider services to support their customers’ Online shopping and payment needs while ensuring the integrity of digital transactions.

messaging service

Messaging service

Effective communication is vital for banks. Bamcard messaging service enables banks to send important alerts, notifications and updates to their customers, enhancing customer engagement, trust and satisfaction.

Fintech and Neo Banks

3D Secure

Banks need 3D Secure solutions to protect both banks and customers from unauthorized transactions and Online fraud, instilling confidence in Online payment processes.

Fintech and Neo Banks

Call Center services

A responsive call center is crucial for banks to address customer inquiries, provide support and resolve issues efficiently, where banks can maintain strong customer relationships and deliver exceptional customer service.



Banks use these services to efficiently produce and distribute essential documents to their customers. This service ensures that customers receive critical information in a timely and professional manner.

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