Messaging service

Bamcard messaging service is a project of enabling, integration and exploitation of the SMS Gateway system for informing and contacting customers of the mentioned service for various purposes. Messaging service, provides seamless and efficient communication with your target group. With fast message delivery and reliable connectivity, you can effectively contact your customers, clients or any interested parties. Whether it’s promotional offers, updates or important notifications, our messaging service ensures that your messages are delivered quickly and securely.

Adventages of our service:

  • Fast communication: Our messaging service allows your messages to reach the recipients immediately, which ensures fast delivery of important information;
  • Wide reach: Our messaging service allows you to reach a large audience regardless of their location, ensuring effective communication with clients or interested parties;
  • Economy: SMS is an economical way of communicating with a large number of people compared to other methods such as phone calls or postal mail;
  • Real-time updates: Use our service to provide real-time updates, notifications and alerts, ensuring recipients are informed in a timely manner;
  • Security and privacy: SMS messages are sent securely, ensuring that sensitive information is safely communicated between you and recipients.

Viber messaging service

As a part of Bamcard messaging service, we also offer an additional Viber messaging service.

Viber offers a robust collection of tools designed to facilitate interactions between brands and users at every stage of the customer requirements. Messages are a secure, cost-effective channel for direct, 1-1 communication with customers in a customized folder, Business Inbox.

Viber messages can serve different purposes:

  • Promotional: sharing personalized offers and special deals;
  • Transactional: providing info and smooth customer experience, sending OTP messages and verifications;
  • Conversational: providing support, engaging in conversations, and collecting feedback.

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