Card personalization and related services

BAMCARD has more than two decades of experience in card personalization and other related services. We serve many banks with the payment card personalization service, but it is important to mention that in addition to banks, we also serve other types of financial institutions with non-payment cards such as insurance companies, leasing companies and many others. 

Card personalization and related services

Our personalization service includes the following:

  • Card plastics delivery,
  • Secured vault storage and stock management,
  • EMV data preparation services and consulting,
  • Magnetic stripe encoding,
  • Data management,
  • Mastercard CPV (Card Personalization Validation) and VISA PVT (Personalization Validation Testing) preparation and process coordination,
  • PIN generation and delivery via PIN Mailer or SMS.

Bamcard’s personalization center is located within the High Security Area, constantly audited and regularly certified under strict PCI, VISA and Mastercard regulations.

Within the personalization service of payment and other types of cards, BAMCARD also offers additional services such as sorting cards according to branch offices or certain geographical regions, packing cards into cardholders and machine packing into envelopes.

We are offering three optical personalization technics for payment and other cards including Embossing, Indent and Thermal technique.

We emphasize that our service includes:

  • Any card product
  • Issuing services for all types of card products.
  • Debit, credit or prepaid cards.

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