Instant payment & White Label solution

Instant payment (FKA: KVIKO) is the first instant mobile payment platform in BiH, turning your smartphone into a cashless payment tool. Provides a convenient way for users to make on-line, in-app and in-store payments using QR code, make P2P transfers, top-up cell phones, make donations and etc. Instant payment is also a great way for people without bank account to receive money.

Instant payment & White Label solution

Instant payment platform can provide improved customer experience like customer loyalty and satisfaction, increased transaction volume, competitive advantage, reduced fraud and risk, increase savings and reduce the costs associated with managing cash and paperwork.

Currently as a standalone app and brand available for Android & IOS, but can also be offered as a White Label solution.

Our White Label solution simplifies the process of creating and managing payment services for your business. This allows you to focus on your core business instead of having to set everything up yourself. The flexibility of our Payment Gateway is the basis of the White Label solution. It allows you to easily integrate project-related payment solutions seamlessly.

This White Label solution is tailored to your brand and allows you to brand all our solutions with your own logo and customize their look. With the ability to create and manage accounts for your customers, you can easily set up different payment methods for your merchants.

Instant payment & White Label solution

Your benefits

  • Additional revenue streams as a payment service provider
  • No high investments in infrastructure, technology and compliance procedures
  • Fast availability, as solution is already in place
  • All-in-one offer for your customers and partners

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