Printing and enveloping

Decades of experience of printing and enveloping business documentation for our clients, along with strict security standards and personal data protection measures, puts Bamcard at the top when it comes to data processing, printing and enveloping complex and sensitive materials. With more than 20 million created and converted letters, we provide a high level of service quality recognized by financial and other institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Printing and enveloping service is available for all the needs of our customers with adequate protection of business and personal data.

So far, we have printed:

  • Warnings and notices
  • Printing of debit and credit statements
  • Circular notices
  • Notifications with additional document insertion
  • Annual reports on the business success of companies
  • Statements of open items
  • Creating and sending registered letters
  • Creating and sending registered letters with return receipts
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Distribution of documents electronically

Advantages of our service:

  • Flexibility of input data format
  • Adaptability to the processes and needs of our users
  • Experienced and competent staff
  • Modern devices for printing documents
  • Modern envelope machines – option Pressure Seal with perforations (Z)(C) suitable for leaflets and flyers
  • The entire administration solution from the creation of visual memos, envelopes, procurement of raw materials, generation of documents
  • Creation of test samples, envelopes with one or more documents
  • Sorting documents, packaging and handing over to the post offices, or the headquarters of the service orderer
  • Enveloping documents without an envelope – document with perforation and much more.

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