Fintech and Neo Banks

Empowering Fintech and Neo Banks With Uniqueness: Redefine customer experiences and payment solutions with our diverse service portfolio.

Processing and Clearing

The heart of Fintech and Neo Banks lies in transactions and this service ensures seamless transaction authorizations. Fintech and Neo Banks can count on us to keep their financial operations running smoothly.

Card personalization and related services

Fintech and Neo Banks are all about customization. Card personalization services enable unique, branded card designs and experiences to offer the customers and foster a deeper connection with them.


E-Commerce and Payment Service Provider

In the dynamic world of Fintech and Neo Banks, E-commerce and PSP demand facilitate secure and smooth Online payment processing, making us the right choice for powering the digital payment ecosystems.

Instant Payment

Instant payment & White Label solution

Fintech and Neo Banks thrive on speed and flexibility. Instant payment and White Label solution provide the tools to deliver fast payment experiences, which empowers these industries to stand out in a competitive market.


Card Guard

Security is paramount in these industries. Card Guard app provides an essential layer of protection for the payment cards which creates customers trust, confidence and loyalty by giving them control over their cards.

Fintech and Neo Banks

3D Secure

Security remains a top priority. Our 3D Secure is a critical layer of defense against fraud, reassuring customers seamless payment experiences and building trust in the digital payments’ ecosystem.

messaging service

Messaging service

Communication is a key in these industries. Bamcard messaging services empower Fintech and Neo Banks to keep their customers informed, whether it’s about account activity, promotions or important updates.

Fintech and Neo Banks

Call Center services

In the fast-paced world of Fintech and Neo Banks, a reliable customer support is must. Call Center services provide the communication tool to ensure that customers receive assistance when they need it most.

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