Card Guard

Card Guard is a mobile application and it is a main tool for preventive protection of card transactions. It helps banks to prevent fraud transactions and provide their clients with complete control of all card transactions, transaction monitoring and alerts.

Protect your money at all times.

  • Enable customers to prevent fraud instead of relying on core banking system for fraud prevention
  • Up to 50% reduce in fraud transactions
  • 40% more card usage
  • 20% increase in new customers assemble
  • Customer satisfaction and trust
  • Card Guard is valuable fraud prevention mobile app for controlling the use of payment cards by the cardholder himself.
  • Card Guard lets the cardholder change parameters 24/7 in real time by using his cell phone.
  • When traveling or shopping for holidays, it’s quick and easy to update the controls to fit special spending needs.
  • Banks can apply the solution as a stand-alone app or integrated in their mobile app.
  • Payment option (ATM, POS or e-commerce),
  • Location
  • Spending limit to ensure correct purchasing and transaction policies.
  • Instant Switch ON/OFF of your Cards (immediately disable your lost or stolen card(s) or enable it if found)
  • Set spending limits
  • Set transaction types
  • Set transaction time period
  • Set geo limits – locations
  • Get real-time transaction list
  • Monitor of card activity – alerts

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