Microcredit organizations

Empower Microcredit Organizations with our Tailored Services: From swift payments to seamless customer engagement, unlock the tools you need for success.

Instant payment & White Label solution

Microcredit organizations use Instant Payment and White Label solution to ensure secure transactions and disburse small loans efficiently while providing a branded, user-friendly payment experience for their clients.

Card personalization and related services

Microcredit organizations utilize card personalization services to issue prepaid cards or other payment instruments. These customized cards can enable borrowers to access funds conveniently and securely.


BH ATM Network

To extend microcredit services, BH ATM Network seamlessly integrates with the Instant Payment service. This network of ATMs ensures that the clients have easy access to their funds, promoting client satisfaction.

messaging service

Messaging service

Effective communication is crucial. Messaging service is distributed to deliver loan notifications, repayment reminders and essential messages to borrowers which fosters trust between the organization and its clients.

Fintech and Neo Banks

Call Center services

Providing excellent customer support is vital for Microcredit organizations as Call Center services offer a dedicated team to address borrower inquiries, loan applications and prompt assistance to the client.



Microcredit organizations distribute loan agreements, statements and financial documents reliably with this service. Printing and enveloping service ensures that the paperwork reaches the client and maintains its trust.

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