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Certification Process at Bamcard: Ensuring Robust Payment Processing

Bamcard certification process is an essential procedure that underscores our commitment of providing secure, reliable and globally recognized payment processing services as an intermediary to VISA and Mastercard.

It is essential to take certain steps before the certification process, namely a pre-certification assessment, a review of existing systems, infrastructure and procedures to identify any potential issues that need to be addressed, evaluation of compliance and industry best practices with an in-depth analysis of regulatory requirements implying strict standards set by VISA and Mastercard.

The steps of the certification process:

  • Technical integration: a critical phase where the mentioned integration must be flawless to guarantee efficient service provision.
  • Data security measures: due to the sensitivity of the data, rigorous security measures are implemented and validated. This includes encryption protocols, access controls and data protection mechanisms.
  • Testing and quality assurance: testing procedures are used to validate functionality, performance and security.
  • Documentation and reporting: detailed documentation of the entire certification process is maintained. This includes records, reports and compliance with certification requirements.

This process also includes:

  • Compliance check: conducting an independent audit to verify that Bamcard systems are compliant with established standards set by VISA and Mastercard.
  • Continuous maintenance: Bamcard remains committed to continuous monitoring and maintenance to ensure ongoing compliance, security and operational excellence.
  • Cooperation with VISA and Mastercard: during the entire certification process, close cooperation and communication with representatives of VISA and Mastercard is maintained.

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