The Comfort of Payment

BAMCARD has been offering card and related payment services for more than 20 years

We offer a wide range of services using advanced technology solutions with the aim of meeting market
demands and increasing security challenges, providing our clients with timely, safe and advanced
service. Learn more about us

Experience the Future of Financial Efficiency – elevate security, satisfaction and seamless operations for your valued clients, all in one place.

Create Tailored Payment Experiences – elevate your brand and delight customers with customized cards and tailored payment solutions.


Empower Your Business with Instant Payment and White Label – enhance your brand’s identity with solutions, offering speed, convenience and seamless transactions.


Take Control with Card Guard – safeguard your finances, manage your cards effectively and enjoy peace of mind with secure, user-friendly card management app.

Discover our valued clients and partners in BAMCARD network

BAMCARD also offers a comprehensive range of services like:

BH ATM Network

Join Our Wide Banking Access – link up with a diverse range of processing banks, guaranteeing convenience, accessibility and an exceptional banking journey.

Messaging service

Unlock Efficient Communication – stay connected, informed and engaged with your audience, delivering real-time updates and support.

E-Commerce and Payment Service Provider

Boost Your Online Business – streamline transactions, maximize revenue and offer customers a trusted and convenient payment gateway.

3D Secure

Enhance Security and Trust - shield your transactions with an extra layer of protection, ensuring your customers' peace of mind with every payment.

Call Center services

Enhance Client Relations - elevate client relations with our skilled team, delivering prompt, knowledgeable and informed assistance.

Printing and enveloping

Experience Easy-going Document Handling – deliver professional communication, documents, files and impress clients with our service precision.