BBI Bank and ASA Bank in cooperation with Bamcard launched KVIKO

Representatives of Bosna Bank International d.d. (BBI), BamCard d.d., and ASA Bank d.d. Sarajevo presented a new service for sending and withdrawing money without a card – KVIKO. It is an innovative mobile payment application designed by local IT experts from BamCard, which allows the client to make a cash transaction at an ATM using the KVIKO code, as well as transfer funds via mobile phone between the bank’s client and the recipient, 24/7, using only the recipient’s mobile phone number. With this new technology, BiH citizens will be able to send money to whomever they want, because they do not need a card or an open bank account to withdraw money at an ATM.

“KVIKO is a mobile payment application that enables bank users to withdraw money at ATMs without a card. It is fully developed in BIH using exclusively the resources of BamCard, which makes our country one of the few countries in Europe and the world to which such functionality is provided. We are especially proud of our partners, BBI Bank and ASA Bank, the realization of such a project would not be possible without them. BamCard d.d., as the owner of the KVIKO application, is the first process center in the region that managed to import more banks into the system of cardless transactions “, said Alma Ahmić, director of BamCard d.d., adding that the first cardless transaction in the history BIH, was made during production testing at ATMs.

At a press conference in Sarajevo, the director of BamCard announced that the functionalities of KVIKO will continue to expand: “Soon we will have new product functionalities -” KVIKO Transfer “- through which users will be able to transfer funds from account to account, using only the recipient’s phone number. All transactions are performed in the domestic payment scheme, settlements between banks are at the level of the Central Bank of BIH, which is a way to prevent the outflow of funds abroad and enable significantly cheaper transactions. With the launch of the product, BamCard has confirmed a new business course which ranks it among modern, flexible, and modern process centers, which follow financial trends, and which can meet all customer requirements, “said Director Ahmić.

“ASA Bank has successfully positioned itself on the market in a short period and proved to be a domestic bank that is close to businessmen and citizens of BIH. That is why we are very proud of the fact that the KVIKO project was realized with local resources and in cooperation with the only process center in BIH, BamCard. Together, we have made an additional step forward in the area of innovative services, specifically mobile payments, introducing a new service in our market that will provide customers with an easier way to manage cash and cards. Previously realized the project of the BH ATM Network, and now KVIKO services, enable the Bank to continue the successful expansion of business and increase the customer network. In this way, we increase the quality of services, eliminate space constraints, and increase accessibility to new, and existing clients “, said Jasmin Spahić, Executive Director of ASA Bank.

Executive Director of BBI Bank, Emir Čehajić, emphasized that BBI Bank in its strategic plans aims to offer clients high quality and customized services. “BBI Bank continuously monitors market trends, and we strive to adequately respond to the needs of our clients. The introduction of the KVIKO application is a response to the growing needs of clients for the fastest, simplest, and safest way to send and/or withdraw money. The experience we have with electronic and mobile banking is very positive for our clients. I want to emphasize that the use is very simple. To withdraw money at an ATM, you do not need to have an open bank account or a card, all you have to do is enter the generated code from the KVIKO application and withdraw money at the BBI Bank or ASA Bank ATM. KVIKO is also very useful in a situation when you forget your wallet and cards, and you need money. In this situation, using the KVIKO application, you can get your money in a few steps.

Simply use the app to select the amount of money you want to withdraw, or send to the recipient, generating a unique code. You send the generated code to yourself/the recipient of the money via SMS or any other communication channel (e-mail, Viber, WhatsApp, or FB). The recipient enters the received code on the ATM keyboard and withdraws the amount determined by the sender when sending it “, said Čehajić. “In the coming period, BBI Bank continues to develop digital banking to provide our clients with top quality service,” said Čehajic. —————————————————————————- ————————————————–

The KVIKO application can be downloaded from the Play Store for Android phone users, and the App Store for iOS phone users. For all technical questions about the application, users can also use the BamCard 24/7 Call Center and the website:

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