New Prepaid card

At the request of Vakufska banka d.d., BamCard d.d. developed and implemented a brand new VISA Prepaid card.

The Prepaid card is not linked to any deposit account, and special advantage of the Prepaid card is the payment of goods and services via the Internet by paying a certain amount on the card and the possibility of misuse is reduced to a minimum.

Other features and benefits of the card are:

– Available immediately in all branches of the Bank

– The number of cards that one customer can buy is not limited

– The card does not have to be used exclusively by the card buyer (the card user can also be another person)

– The balance on the card can be checked at all ATMs of the bank

– Ideal card for controlling costs (children, students)

BamCard continues to implement new products and services for members of the BamCard network and strives to provide its customers with the most complete and high-quality service.

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