VISA & BAMCARD workshop for the establishment of the VISA Direct Original Credit Transaction (OCT) service

We want to share exciting news with you after the successful workshop for the establishment of the VISA Direct service that we organized on February 6, 2024 together with the VISA representatives and our partners.

The objective of the workshop was to provide key information to our partners about VISA Direct Original Credit Transaction (OCT) service. This innovative service will enable clients of our partners to quickly and easily transfer money from their account to a VISA Debit card, both inside and outside the country.

VISA representatives from Bosnia and Herzegovina shared with us important steps and tips for the successful implementation of this service. The goal is to create a safe, simple and always available instant money transfer service. It is important to note that this service enables the transfer of money anywhere in the world within 30 seconds.

VISA and BAMCARD are cooperating on the integration of this service within the mobile banking applications of our banks. BAMCARD will provide a technical integration HUB to ensure a safe and simple process of integration of banking services.

We would like to thank all participants of the workshop for their active participation and our colleague Branka Gačina for the concrete and clear information. Your dedication has contributed to creating the foundation for the future of card business innovation.

We look forward to future steps and cooperation with our partners to improve our services and provide the best possible experience to our users.


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