BAMCARD became a member of the European Mobile Payment Systems Association (EMPSA) with the KVIKO application

BAMCARD, with its KVIKO app, joined European Mobile Payment System Association (EMPSA) We are pleased to inform you that Bamcard has joined the Association of European Mobile Payment Systems (EMPSA) with the first mobile payment system of Bosnia and Herzegovina “KVIKO”. The association now consists of twelve members with over 50 million users across Europe. This year, 2020, is very important for mobile payments in Europe, and EMSPA plays a key role in achieving and encouraging cooperation in the field of international payments and building a competitive interoperable payment system in Europe. Anton Stadelmann, President of EMPSA, says: “We are very happy that Bamcard has joined EMPSA. Having a strong and innovative partner in the south-eastern part of Europe is in line with the goal of our association to offer interoperability to customers in as many regions of Europe as possible. We look forward to working closely together to build our common goal. ” Bamcard is a joint-stock company based in Sarajevo, which was founded in 1999 as a domestic clearing house and provider of payment services for Bamcard, Visa, and Mastercard cards. In 2017, Bamcard launched the first mobile payment system in Bosnia and Herzegovina called KVIKO, currently used by three banks, ASA, Union, and BBI, which have clients and branches throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. KVIKO has more functionality, such as KVIKO Cash – withdrawing money without a card at ATMs; KVIKO instant – P2P interbank transactions; KVIKO top-up – all GSM operators and OLX vouchers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We are currently working on a new functionality KVIKO PAY, payment via the Kviko application based on the QR code. The functionality will be adjusted to meet the needs and desires of all retailers in Bosnia and Herzegovina. “We want our citizens to be able to pay through their local mobile application KVIKO anywhere in Europe. United under EMPSA, European mobile payment systems are working together for the first time to enable interoperable cross-border payments. For this reason, we at Bamcard are happy to be part of this historic initiative in the European payment industry “, says Alma Ahmić, Director of BAMCARD. EMPSA is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The association is chaired by Anton Stadelmann, CEO of TWINT, and Vice President Joseph Hajj, Chief Strategic Officer of Swish. The goal of the association is to encourage cooperation and enable international use of domestic mobile payment systems. To emphasize the importance of interoperability, EMPSA has already established a working group to establish a common system interoperability. This working group is led by Bjørn Skjelbred from VIPPS and Christian Pirkner from Bluecode.

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