Bamcard won the prestigious International Finance magazine award for the Card Guard app

We are proud to inform you that Bamcard is the winner of the prestigious International Finance Magazine award for The best card protection and control application in 2020 with their Card Guard app. International Finance is a leading business magazine focused on banking, financial and industrial news and analysis from Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Headquartered in London, the magazine presents credible financial news and insights into global business analysis and comments on key economic changes. This magazine recognizes and rewards innovation and performance in solutions, products, and services, and the winners are announced after careful consideration of the nominations by a qualified research team. The International Finance Magazine Award is a recognition for Bamcard for its continued commitment and innovation in card business. Bamcard director Alma Ahmić said: “It is a great honor that our Card Guard card protection and control application has been recognized by the International Finance Magazine Awards as the best in 2020. The Card Guard application is the result of Bamcard’s efforts to offer an innovative product on the Bosnian market that aims to help banks prevent card fraud and provide its customers with complete control and protection over all card transactions. This award will be an incentive for us to continue creating innovative, modern, and secure solutions in the card business. ” Bamcard is the only domestic clearing house in BiH and a processing center that provides full support to the bank’s card business, but also a market influencer in the field of innovative mobile payment applications such as KVIKO. The new security application Card Guard with its functionalities provides preventive protection of card transactions. Also, this application helps banks to prevent fraudulent transactions and provide their customers with complete control and protection over all card transactions. Card Guard gives the cardholder the ability to independently and proactively manage 24/7 with all their debit, prepaid, and credit cards, with no restrictions using only the app on their smartphone. This application can be activated in Union bank and BBI bank and is available for all Android and IOS devices.


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