PINviaSMS in two new Banks in BiH

Bamcard has completed the implementation of our PINviaSMS product in two new Banks in BiH, Sberbank BH, and BBI Bank, and thus confirmed its commitment to the continuous improvement of services in the banking sector.

PINviaSMS is an innovative service and involves the electronic distribution of the PIN code, directly to the cardholder on a mobile phone via SMS, and can be considered a much safer way of distribution than sending a PIN mailer by mail. Also, PINviaSMS provides the bank with significant savings in printing, transportation, and postage costs.

For cardholders, receiving a PIN via SMS is far more convenient than receiving a PIN via mail. This is reflected in the fact that the delivery of the PIN is immediate, regardless of where the cardholder is currently located, while the delivery of the PIN by mail required a physical presence at the address. In this way, the cards can be activated faster and the time interval between receiving the card and the PIN (which can be up to 10 days) is eliminated.

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