Portal presented the award “Business Move of the Year” to BamCard

Representatives of the portal presented a plaque “Business move of the year” to the director of BamCard d.d. Sarajevo to Alma Ahmić, which was awarded for the launch of the KVIKO application. included the creation of the KVIKO application for cardless withdrawals at ATMs and real-time money transfer via mobile phone among the best business decisions in banking last year, valuing the fact that this is a domestic innovation that is a novelty on the BiH market, and it is local BamCard experts product.

– We are pleased with the fact that our work has been recognized, especially since we were recently awarded for our fintech solution at the Sarajevo Business Forum for “Innovation of the Year”, said Ahmić. She pointed out that success did not come overnight, but was the result of many years of continuous business development and investment in its technology solutions and personnel. But this is just the beginning of a new development chapter for this company in the digital sphere, and new BamCard sophisticated products can be expected very soon.

– Our next goal is to create a payment application that will be able to pay for goods and services, announced Ahmić and added that the KVIKO Pay application could already be used to pay in BiH next year.

The leader of the “Business Move of the Year” project, Hajdar Arifagić, said that the analytical team of the portal was especially pleased to award the company that managed to make a domestic product that does not lag behind similar global solutions.

“Numerous awards are given to financial institutions by individual media, professional organizations, and others are based mainly on the results expressed in figures. In its project of choosing the best business move in banking, focused on the affirmation of management skills, management decisions, recognition of problems, and support in solving them. That means we are trying to peek into the soul of the company as well “, said Arifagić.

The editor of, Borivoje Simić, said that BamCard is one of the pioneers of fintech in BiH and that it is important to promote the work of domestic experts, who are very much in BiH, and the best proof of that is the company BamCard.

”The fact that the quality of the KVIKO application has already been recognized by some banks, and above all other ASA bank and BBI, gives this project a special value”, Simić pointed out. launched a project “The best business move” in 2012. The decision on the best moves of company managers and other participants in the economy is made based on the adopted regulations and based on a monthly analysis of about 500 pieces of information collected daily from various sources (print and electronic media, websites, stock market reports …).

Monthly rankings are regularly published on the portal. If necessary, also hires its consulting team of economic science experts, businessmen, journalists, and editors of business and business sections.

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